The “Dress, Style & Etiquette Workshop” is a 4-hour workshop to help students learn proper dining etiquette, develop stronger social skills, and learn proper dress and grooming for a formal event of any kind. We want to help build students’ self-esteem and confidence while equipping them with the skills and knowledge to flourish in any environment.

What STUDENTS LEARN DURING the workshop:

  • Proper formal dress attire

  • Table manners

  • Setting and navigating the dinner table

  • How to handle difficult foods

  • Napkin etiquette

  • Appropriate dinner conversation

  • Proper handshakes and greetings

  • Confident body language

  • How to tie a tie

  • Grooming and makeup tips

  • & More!


Researchers have found that over 70% of students from low-income households reported never attending a formal event of any kind outside of prom. In addition, of the 30% that did attend other formal events, half of those students admitted to feeling uncomfortable or out of place.

It's very important that we equip our youth with all the necessary skills and resources they will need to succeed. 


Participating students receive full formal wardrobe assistance; grooming tips; and complimentary tickets to attend the Made Moguls Annual Black Tie Charity Dinner 

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